Restoration, creation and repair of anticorrosive coating with steelpaint GmbH protection systems

During the operation of the berths (hydraulic structures), damage is revealed in the form of corrosion of the metal of piles or sheet piles. The average loss of metal thickness from corrosion is about 1 mm per year.

The main corrosion damage occurs in the area of contact between water, air and sunlight (variable water level).

The absence or damage of the anti-corrosion coating at a given water level results in severe corrosion damage, including formation corrosion.

Corrosion is often accompanied by irreversible permanent deformations with a loss of overall structural stability.

Inspection of existing coatings often shows poor adhesion to the substrate. All this can cause the onset of the development of corrosion.

Concrete berth structures face similar problems such as concrete leaching, degradation, reinforcement corrosion.

One of the methods for stopping damage is to carry out work to restore the pavement using a caisson.

The advantage of this method is that further maintenance of the coating is not required, in contrast to protective covers (see photo), which slide down and do not completely protect the structure from corrosion.

Over the past 10 years, the coating restoration method has shown its advantage.

In the course of work, the following is carried out:

– descent and installation of the caisson, pumping out water;
– execution of repair work;
– restoration, creation or repair of anti-corrosion coating of piles or sheet piles with Steelpaint GmbH protection systems.